Dirk Jan van den Berg, president TU Delft geeft een lezing: China at your doorstep

China at your doorstep

Lezing in het Engels met dia’s door Dirk Jan van den Berg
Door: Studium Generale TU Delft & Etnografische Vereniging Delft
Datum: Woensdag 24 september 2008 om 20.15 uur
Locatie: DOK Vesteplein 100 in Delft

Check your pc-mouse, look at the label in your t-shirt, examine your mobile-phone; high chance they are all made in China. China’s development is not a far away phenomenon; it will thoroughly affect our part of the world in the
years to come. Opinions are oscillating between the extremes whether to perceive China as a threat or as an opportunity. Whatever the outcome of this debate, tables are turning in the world and China will become a lead
player in world affairs and economics. Therefore, there is very good reason to dwell on China’s development and the course it will take. Dirk Jan van den Berg, ambassador of the Netherlands in China 2005-2007 and currently
president of Delft University of Technology, will share his thoughts on China’s development and will underline the importance of making international developments more central in our national policy debate.
A photo exhibition by Dirk Jan van den Berg will be on display in DOK, for more information see www.sg.tudelft.nl

Dirk Jan van den Berg is President of Delft University of Technology

De zaal is open vanaf 19.45 uur. De toegang tot deze bijeenkomst is gratis.

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