Mini seminar“Rare Earth Elements”

14:30 Registration
15:00 Welcome and start of the mini-seminar:
15:05 Introduction by the Chinese Embassy
15:15 Lecture by Mr Pan Yiming, Delegation Leader
15:30 Film Ganzhou City, province of Jianxi
15:40 Rare Earth Metals, Occurrence and Applications, Lecture by Jack
Voncken - Faculty Civil Engineering & Geosciences Tu Delft
16:15 Lecture by Mr Liu Yong, General manager Xinfeng County Baogang
Xinli Rare Earth Co, Ltd.
16:30 Lecture by Mr Yang Qing, Chairman Jiangxi Rongyizhong Rare Earth
Materials Co., Ltd
16:45 Paneldiscusion and Q&A
17:00 Drinks reception
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